hello stranger

“It is

your life, which is so close

to my own that I would not know

where to drop the knife of

separation. And what does this have to do

with love, except


— Mary Oliver, Thirst

It is your life. Dreams, giggling in my sleep, painted in hues of you, it is my life too. I am learning how to be bigger than myself, and by bigger I mean doubled; I am learning to be myself through you.

Over and over again I find myself forgiving you for things that make my insides turn. I accept them as our differences. With candor I will tell you that I have never felt so seen by anyone. I enjoy the parallel nature of you and me.

I want to stop writing about love now.




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Isabella (she/her) writes literary nonfiction and creative memoir. She currently resides in Greensboro, NC, and intends to pursue an MFA in creative writing.